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Are Seeed Studio Shields Compatible with the BASIC Stamp 2? Answered

This is more of a programming question, but can Seeed Studio "shields" or modules be programmed with the BS2? Most Seeed components say they are compatible with Arduino, but I cannot determine whether or not the BS2 can control it as well. Also, if the BS2 is in the Stampduino, would I be able to program the Seeed module using PBasic?
Thanks, these are a lot of questions and I would greatly appreciate any answers/comments. 


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7 years ago

Those shields are just add-on for micro controllers. In this case they are on a board that is configured to laied out to plug directly into an Arduino micro controllers. You don't program the boards. But often you need to use a library so the arduino can more easily communicate and make use of the shield. But these shields are not limited to running on arduino. You can interface them with whatever controller you want. It;s just a matter of figuring out what pins on the board are being used and what they are used for so you can properly connect them to another controller and program that controller to make use of the shield. You don't program the shield. You program the controller to make use of the shields.