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Are all RS232 DB9's wired or supposed to be wired the same way? Answered

If I connected one that was commanding a VCR from an animatronic computer, would it command a DVD player the same way? play, pause, stop, eject etc..? Or would it have to be wired differently? Because of wear and tear on my VHS library of Show tapes, I'd like to switch to a pro grade DVD player with an RS232 DB9 input but don't want to spend the money on the DVD player until I know it's even doable. Thanks!



4 weeks ago

Your best bet is to google both devices. Look for manuals that show the pin-outs on the DB9s. If these are serial ports, they are possibly the same, but there are a variety of uses for DB9 connectors that do not include being a serial port. The variey of what could be on these pins is almost limitless, so some research on your part will go a long way. Hope this helps!