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Tips for Aging Happily and Research Answered

I am doing a mini research experiment for my psychology class involving interviewing 60+ year olds  who have aged well and are Exuberant in their old age. However being 18 I don't regularly keep in contact with many 60 year olds. I was wondering if any 60+ year olds (or anyone with wisdom regarding aging happily) would be willing to answer some short questions.

If anyone is interested in helping me out these are the questions

1.How well are you enjoying your career/retirement?
2. How would you describe your last vacation?
3. What personal relationships have been important to you since you turned 50?  Describe the most important one.
4. Ask persons about their marriage relative to "the Four Horsemen".  Find out strategies used for successful marraiges.
5. Of the adaptive defensive mechanisms (aka Mature defense mechanisms), which do you believe you display on a regular basis.

Also if anyone has any general wisdom on tips for remaining happy in their advanced age or how to stay happily married I would enjoy to hear it. (I'll write them down and store them away for 30 years from now!)


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9 years ago

I'm not even 40, but a friend once said "On the first play of the game, you don't get to level 10." Meaning that people should work for the rewards of life.