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Are there any Arduino CNC things(didnt make sense but u get it)? Answered

I want to make a CNC controller, but i dont want to buy/make a controller. So, could I use an Arduino? i cant write code and havent had an occasion where i really needed to learn soooo.. someone tell me where to find the code, or write it for me. it probably should be connected to a computer, but i dont kare. just stuff that a medium to medium large nerd could do i have a motor sheild i could use, steppers for the x and y axis, and a servo for the z. (only 2 steppers supported)



10 years ago

The arduino has plenty enough IO to run all the steppers you need, but you'll need to build your own booster/driver circuit for the steppers - the digital pins can't source enough current for them. Then it's just a matter of using the existing stepper code (check arduino.cc) and the serial link to send the instructions.