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Are there any inexpensive EMT fittings to make conduit shelving? Answered

Gas pipe (steel bought in plumbing with threaded ends) is pretty commonly used for shelving because you can get threaded pieces, joints, flanges, etc easily and it's incredibly strong....but it is too expensive and way stronger than I need.

I haven't been able to find good fittings for EMT conduit, and I'm considering ordering a custom made batch of them from a manufacturer but I wanted to check if anyone here knows of a place I can't find. 


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7 years ago

First I call it "Thinwall" way back when installing commercial power.

Get two diameters of tubing cut to length and drill a hole two inches below the top
for a 1/4" bolt to stack tubes and shelves reversing for the next etc.

Only thing cheaper  is used bricks...