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Logged In or Out? Answered

So recently, in the past week or so, I've noticed that the Instructables login/profie/status bar thing at the top right has been a little confused as to whether i'm logged in or not on various pages.

For example, 
(Note: I'm currently logged in throughout)

> Visiting the Instructables Home page I now see the "signup / login links".
> Clicking on Answers / Contests / another instructable shows that I'm logged in with "You / Inbox / Shortcuts / Log out".

This used to work fine 2 weeks ago,
I haven't updated my system or software - Did wonder if it's an issue with cookies or something?
Mac OS X 10.6.7
Safari 5.0.4

Does anyone else have the same problem?




7 years ago

whemn i go to instructables about a couple weeks ago,my account has logged out it self and i forget the password and id...so i make the new one...this is my second account.


8 years ago

It sounds like caching issues. Go to a page where you appear to be logged out, hold down the shift key and simultaneously press refresh on your browser. Do you appear to be logged in now?