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Are you a fan of Top Gear? - BBC Casting for new car mod show Answered

Are you a fan of the show TOP GEAR?

BBC Worldwide Productions has a new car customizing competition series that is casting in Southern California!

We are looking for teams of two to transform their own ordinary cars into the most extreme madcap vehicles, before putting them through their paces in off the wall and outrageous challenges. You bring the personality and car, we'll do the rest.

All you need is a great personality and a great story about your car, and you'll have a chance to win ultimate bragging rights and a cash prize. To meet with casting directors in July, email the following information on both you and your teammate, reply to:


- Names of team members
- Occupations
- Hometown
- Brief description of your relationship to each other
- Brief description of your relationship to the car
- Photo of each team member
- Photo of the car


Zaphod Beetlebrox

6 years ago

Can't wait too see this show, especially if instructables members are present.


6 years ago

Casting in California??

In July?



Reply 6 years ago

Yes, we are interviewing in Los Angeles, but if you and your partner can email me the questionnaire that I posted, perhaps we'll ask you to show us your personalities (and car) on camera and send me a link.