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Are you in Venice? There's a prize! Answered

Sort of following on from another topic I posted, Kitewife and I are off to Venice tomorrow to celebrate our silver wedding*.  We arrive at the airport soon after 9:30pm local time.

I always like to meet fellow instructablers, so stop and say hello.  There's a (small) prize in it for you as well - not only do I always have a stash of Robot stickers in my wallet, I will be carrying a fabric Robot Patch (the very one in the photo), and if you are the first person to say hello to me in Venice, you get the patch.

If you're not sure what I look like, look for a camouflage jacket, leather fedora and a Robot pin badge.

*Twenty five years, it's insane - we both still feel like teens!


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6 years ago

Congratulations. Take it easy on the making...wink, wink.


Reply 6 years ago

LOL, thanks, CD!