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Armor Help Answered

I am looking to make a paintball armor.  I do not want to buy anything already made, DIY stuff FTW.

I am looking to make it out of aluminum from aluminum cans.  I would cut off the top and bottom leaving a repectable sized piece to mould into any piece i want making it into 'scales'.  Using the bottoms of the cans as shoulder pads and other parts.

My question is: What should I use as an anchor for the 'scales'? What type of material would i use as a place to mount them?

And as always; if you have suggestions do tell.


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9 years ago

I think you should completely scrap the idea of using tin cans, it takes forever, is fragile, wont protect you, and is very hard to do right.

Instead, i would make armor plates from EVA foam. look it up and buy it online. You can also buy it as "anti standing fatigue" tiles, in packs at most major stores like walmart.

It is cheap, dense, light, easily cut and heat shaped, and absorbs impacts very well. Try it!


9 years ago

The big issue with be sharp edges - a normally-cut piece of soda can will be razor sharp, and wear through thread in no short order.

Glue will peel off, duct tape will spoil the look.

So, I would invest in a hand (or "pop") riveter. I just looked, and a basic hand rivet set, with a bunch of rivets, can be bought for under $10 on ebay.com, with packs of rivets for only a couple of dollars.

I would also consider putting a small piece of soda can, or a washer, on the inside of the fabric when you rivet, to prevent the rivet pulling back through the fabric.

This will mean, of course, that you will need to wear the armour over other clothing to prevent the inside parts of the armour from grating your skin off.

But, after all that, I would question the logic of making scale plate for paintballing - you are going to stand out at a huge distance (unless you paint the scales in a mix of greens and browns for camouflage?), and you are going to sound like somebody dragging a sack of scrap metal around the place...


It will look very cool, if you get it right...

Good luck, and don't forget to take lots of photos and post a step-by-step when you're done.