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Armtronix 4 Relay ESP32 board Answered

I have received 4 Relay ESP32 based wifi board.I am referring the instruction on GitHub to setup the device.
As I power on the device I see the wifi source with Armtronix-xxxxxx as mentioned in the pdf document. However I do not see that visible every time. It some times appear and as I try to configure by clicking submit button, it just goes off. I have not modified default jumper positions. Also I do not see any explanation about jumper positions in the document Question:2 Normal ESP32 dev kit, we can connect using micro usb cable and connect to the board using ming32 shell. I tried connecting but it does not connect, is it possible to connect this way or always have to use the Arduino IDE only?

Even after multiple restart I do not see it and some times it suddenly appear briefly. Appreciate any one has any clue about it? /Hp


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