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Art Contest: 3/30/11 Answered

These are the winners of my art contest. Haven't joined? -> https://www.instructables.com/group/artcontest The link to my art contest.

1st- username252


3rd- LoneWolf

4th- happyjo

5th- sagart

Now the results of the instructables entered.

1st- How to Make an Origami Wayfinder - username252

2nd- Shark Drawing - I LIKE TURTLES

3rd- Guides to Drawing Wolves - LoneWolf

4th- My Art! - happyjo

5th- Draw Dog From Photograph - LoneWolf

6th- Gwendolyn: An Unwanted Marriage - happyjo

7th- camelean - I LIKE TURTLES

I anounce the 1st prize to username252. The 2nd prize to I LIKE TURTLES. And last the 3rd prize to LoneWolf.

Want to have your name posted as a winner? Show off your best art instructables on my group! https://www.instructables.com/group/artcontest


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