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Artisan's Asylum - craft classes & workshop (hackerspace, maker space, etc.) in Somerville, MA Answered

I'm working with a fantastic group of Boston-area people to get a community craft workshop/maker space/hackerspace,called Artisan's Asylum, up and running in Somerville, MA.

We have a small space where we will be teaching classes requiring quiet and clean space, and a big - 9,000 s.f.! - space we are working hard to get set up as workshop/studio (and use for noisy/messy classes).

Our goal is to offer tools and instruction in as many craft areas as we can. We already have equipment for sewing, welding, wood working, metal working (we have an awesome CNC mill!), and electronics.

Our first set of classes is scheduled and will be starting July 5. You can read the whole list here. A few of the subjects are:

Building Art Bikes
MIG Welding
Introduction to Knitting
Introduction to Sewing
Clothing Modification
Introduction to Robotics
Learning by Building the Asylum
Arduino for Beginners
Advanced Photography

We have a long list of instructors interested in teaching different topics in the future, and as our big space gets built out, we will be able to offer EVEN MORE classes at a time. AND BUILD ENORMOUS ROBOTS.

Or, you know, small ones.

To learn more, you can check out our website, subscribe to our lovely and classic - and low volume - announcements mailing list, or check us out on Facebook.

If you have questions, you can leave a note here or email me at jfeathersmith at featherforge dot com.


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