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As a university teacher, can I create a contest to my students? Answered

I am trying to teach to my design students the power of collaboration and crowdsourcing in design. To this, I am thinking to create a contest to these students create and share their ideas to the public and discuss. Is there any possibility to create a contest, or a group, to my students submit the ideas?




Best Answer 4 years ago

Yes, and no.

You can make "publish your work as a collaborated instructable" part of the task, and require that they give you the URL of the project, and you can encourage them to share their projects via social media.

If you make it a contest, then that will have to be purely informal - you sort out the success criteria yourself, set deadlines yourself, do the judging yourself (or find judges yourself), and any prizes will have to come from your own budget.


Answer 4 years ago

Thank you very much, Kiteman! I am going to centralize those ideas (and solutions) in another site, I think that's the best way to their network (the student's network) be in touch to all ideas in a single page.


Answer 4 years ago

If you're wanting your students to deal with public scrutiny, I suggest you create a collection of the finished work, then make a request in the forums for members to make [constructive] criticisms of the work - you can then use your own expertise to judge how they deal with the comments made.


4 years ago

In my opinion:

Your students should be taught to solve real world problems, ideally provided by real people or situations.

this way they have to find out about the problem and subsequent issues relevant to designing a solution.

On providing a solution the "client" should be asked to review it - thus giving the student some real feedback and experience

Students should be required to create a User Requirement Specification (URS) detailing the problem fully, breaking it down if necessary into the component parts and problems that will need to be solved.

They should be asked to provide a manufacturing specification that fully details their solution to the problem described in the user requirement Spec.

Obviously several students can and should be able to provide different solutions to any problem - BUT they should all be solutions that meek the requirements of the URS.

For example the URS may say - "I want a small device for selecting at random the numbers between 1 and 6.

This should be easy to operate without instructions, Be usable by end users between age 4 and 90.

It should be portable and cost less than $5 to manufacture."

At this stage both the client and the designer think they understand the problems and your students could produce either of the designs in the image below, both work, both meet the Spec but one is more stable in use than the other so is more practical. Guess which one!

In reality the problem wasn't fully defined because i forgot to say I need to be able to use this device on a table without chasing it onto the floor all the time.


Answer 4 years ago

Thanks for the discussion! I agree with you about the methods and the requirements to make a good project and design. My issue was: how I centralize those ideas and concepts in a public platform, so the community can give their feedback. Well, I'm always interested about new ways to do that communication you mentioned in another comment.

Thanks a lot!


Answer 4 years ago

I don't think the design is the question here, the challenge involved is the ability to efficiently collaborate and to endure public scrutiny.

Which reminds me, I need to make another comment...


Answer 4 years ago

The proof of good understanding and communication has to lie in the proposed design.

if you like, a high quality product is , be definition, one that satisfies the customers needs fully.


Answer 4 years ago

I'm not arguing with that, I was just pointing out that I don't think that's the challenge he is setting. It's not the "design" that's the challenge, it's "design together" and "deal with the unsanitised public response".