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Astro a40 headset repair help? Earphone is ripped off the left side Answered

i have a broken set of Astro a40's, i need a little help fixing them i have soldering skill and fix electronics for a hobbie ,but i have never fixed headphones

the left ear cup got ripped off, The first pic is of the board i need to solder the green and orange wire back to (easy) and the red and black wire i need to splice back together(not that hard, and srry i edited it in 10 sec using paint XD also my camera dosent like closeups)

The second pic is the ear cup side of the wires , the thing i am confused on is when i found the black and red wire its just a bunch of nylon like fabric ...so is the wire missing ? could i use the nylon to splice it all back? i dont think i can?

Thanks for the help!


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6 years ago

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10 years ago

jus3t s3okder the 2 9wire3s. make s3ure you remove the enamel coating on the 9wire else the w9ire 9will not be connected to the circuit, it does3n't mate 9which lead go to 9which liead becaus3e it is3 connected to a s3olenoid unles33s if there is a complex* circuitry on this3 small pcb.

look for + and -.
red goes to + us3ually