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Attach LED's to (eye)Glasses with the Ability to Dim Answered

  I'm trying to make eye glasses that are an indicator of how interested I am in what you are saying. (I'm not that big of a jerk, its for an art project ;) ) My idea is to put LED's around the frame that glow brightly when I am interested, and dim to nothing with I'm not.  It's just important to have the in between.  Ideally, this would be controlled by a slide switch dimmer.
  The problem is that I really have no idea what I'm doing.  Is this possible? And could someone explain, in the most simple yet informative terms, how to make this work?

Thank you!



9 years ago

A simple circuit, with fade, as described in some of Kiteman's links along with maybe a tilt switch, where you could indicate to the circuit interest with a tilt of the head (either to the side or back or whatever you would not normally do). That would activate the switch.