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Attach membrame to silicon housing Answered

Burning question!
I am trying to attach a membrame (which is made of latex at the moment) to a silicon housing (see attachment). The membrame should be a able to move vertically and thus expand a bit. The two challenges are:

- The membrame should not be to thin, because otherwise it snaps and;
- The membrame should not be to thick, because otherwise their is too much pressier on the sides and it also snaps.

The membrame and the silicon housing should be airtied.

The material of the membrame can change, although it needs to be flexible of course.

Any tips on which material to use for the membrame or on assembly techniques?




4 years ago

as downunder and caitsdad say, 2 rings that clamp together, much like 2 parts that seal against each other with a gasket between em.


4 years ago

Questions from my side:
Dimensions, volume?
What pressures are we talking about?

Is the housing fixed or can it be modified, if it can be modified:
Depending on the size it would be possible to use silicone to screw a plastic pipe fitting that has a thread on the inside.
Usually at the end of this thread is a lip which in turn can be used hold a metal ring as the base for your membrane.
Srew a pipe in it to seal it and if necessary use automotive sealant (the removable the kind).
Only other option I can see with the limited info available is to use two rings and the flexibility of the silione.
The silcone lip has to be flat on the ring and a lot of srews right around it to use use pressure as a seal between housing and membrane.


4 years ago

What size membrane do you need and what are your making it for? Is it to collect water or will you be dropping a brick onto it? The membrane would probably be clamped with a ring of some type or it should be molded in one piece to the housing.