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Attaching a Spur Gear onto a Motor Answered

I want to attach a spur gear with a bore diameter of 6mm onto the shaft of this motor
(6mm diameter shaft). How would I go about doing this? From what I see, the shaft is smooth so is my only option to find a gear with a set screw? Or is it sufficient to attach a gear with no set screw and simply rely on the friction of the bore? The torques will be low.

Are there any websites that one would recommend for finding gears like this? I'm finding it impossible to find gears with a module of 1.0, bore diam. of 6mm, 12 teeth, and a thickness of less than 20mm to fit onto the shaft.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



4 weeks ago

If the gear doesn't have a set screw, you could drill and tap it. Or, maybe drill a hole through the gear and the shaft and lock them together with a split pin.
Here's a possible source:


5 weeks ago

It is usually just a press fitting.
Means you push whatever gear you need onto the shaft.
It is a quite tight fit and you need to keep the gear striaght when pushing it on.
If you fear it might come loose one day you can add a drop of thread locking glue like the Loctite stuff.