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Attaching a magazine to an ordinary sling shot k'nex rifle? Answered

For a while I have been trying to develop a magazine that feeds bullets from below the barrel. The gun I am modding has a similar barrel to the K'nex Striker Pistol by I_am_Canadian. I can develop one that sits above the barrel however this looks ridiculous and in not all to affective. Any suggestions? Pictures or existing instructables are most helpful! Thanks!


DJ Radio

8 years ago

The most common method is pseudo semi-auto. The way this works is you take bands, and load it up like a rubber band gun. Then insert a magazine from the bottom. The problem with that is making a strong enough barrel. This pseudo semi auto mechanism is most commonly found on masterdude's instructables.

A new method made by Jollex and TD involves using a rod to block the top of barrel, when you pull the rubberband back into the loop, the pin moves back and the ammo then loads into the gun. Fire, and the pin resets itself and prevents the next round loading until you pull the band back again.

JonnyDude2008DJ Radio

Answer 8 years ago

Thanks, I'm planning on making a completely different gun as I'm bored of slingshots now but thanks anyway!