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Attiny 85 not working Answered

HI GUYS. I HAVE A LDR light sensor I would like to use to turn on a light bulb through a attin85. when I upload the sketch to the Arduino it works fine. but when I upload to the attiny, I can't get it to work. am I'm wiring it wrong? when I put my signal from my ldr sensor to AO and 2 to the led it works on Arduino, but when I do that with the Attiny85 it doesn't do anything. The sketch did upload correctly though so it has to be me wiring it wrong or I need to change the code maybe to cater to the attiny85?

my sketch is

int LDR = 0;

int LDRValue = 0;

void setup()


pinMode(2, OUTPUT);

void loop()


LDRValue = analogRead(LDR);


if (LDRValue < light_sensitivity)


digitalWrite(2, HIGH);




digitalWrite(2, LOW);




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Answer 2 years ago

yup I tried blink and it works when I send the 0 pin out to the led. now that I'm using a sensor it has to go into the attiny then out to pin0 to the led or so what I thought but its not working. maybe I'm not doing the input the the sensor correct in the sketch?