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Audio - headphones Answered

My daughter runs a Pre-school and uses a small cd stereo setup. The output is a pair of mono jacks (R/L) for speakers.
I am looking to build a distribution box for up to 6 headphones. Thinking of one input (from the speaker jacks using a 2 to 1 plug)
The headphones are mono 1/4 so those jacks are readily available. I do not know what the output is of the stereo system is but I doubt it is
much over 5 watts (if that). Will I need some sort of amplifier? any thoughts on switches/switching jacks if not all are being used.

Thanks for listening.
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4 years ago


Lots of discussion out there on building your own... If you are not up for building your own, I would look at the various music/pro audio shops for headphone distribution amps. The cost could be written off to the business and you are ensuring that you have a reliable piece of equipment to protect those little ears by limiting the output. Good luck.