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August Build Night with Cheng Concrete Answered

Since the moment that truck pulled up with the pallet of Cheng Concrete on it, we've been having a ball with our Shapecrete! We know the August Build session has ended, and Eureka Factory members managed some fun build projects before the month was over, but we've still got Shapecrete and we're still creating with it!  It's really interesting stuff, obviously a natural for Halloween decos (saw someone else had made some cool headstones!) and yard art.  Love how adaptable it is and the ability to easily create small concrete objects with it.  We've got a few more projects underway and will continue adding them to our Shapecrete Collection as long as there's Shapecrete in our buckets! 

Thanks, Instructables, for a really awesome build opportunity, and thanks Cheng Concrete, for a truly wonderful medium! 

If anyone is in Orlando September 12 & 13, be sure to stop by the Eureka Factory  booth at Maker Faire Orlando, on the 2nd floor lobby of the Orlando Science Center, where the event is held,  to see Gnombie and some  of our Instructables projects!


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