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Automatic Bottle Filler, Seal and Capper and Label Applicator.? Answered


OK, I have put together a awesome new group of liquid based products for a variety of uses (being vague bc it's to much to go over now).

But before my investor group will commit to stage 3 of funding (stage one was a small infusion for the chemistry and product development, and stage 2 is on my own dime).

Now I have 30 days to come up with plans and a protoype assembly line to produce the first 500K in units...it needs to be fully automatic, not semi-automatic...at least for each individual process. I have researched the net and there are alot of semi-auto systems i can fully automate, and the big boy systems are just out of my reach until I get stage 3 funding...i have to produce a min of this much product in an effort to get it on the shelves of the clients we have setup.

I need to fill round bottles (2.5 and 4 oz and 12oz), fill flat sided quarts and gallons, and hopefully at some point round and flat sided 3,5,and7 gallon buckets.

i know that this can be one machine with different run setups or 3-4 different similar systems.

then I need a sealer, basically applies the pressure sensitive seal then heats it and seals it form spilling, tampering etc.

then a separate system that screws the cap on

finally and importantly applies either the peel and stick pressure sensitive pre-printed labels, or heat transfer label or silk screening...

OK before anyone says a thing...i know its very complex, I know it's gonna cost some money, but I do know it can be done DIY style...

so your thoughts, input, links to similar parts and pieces or ideas, etc...



7 years ago

This is way beyond a DIY project to work on over the internet. What you need to do is meet with a packaging engineer very soon. Even a DIY project like the is going to take months for R&D and you will need he help of many different experts in different fields.

I'm not trying to burst your bubble just thinking of actualities.