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Awful back-of-the-magazine tat Answered

Somehow, I stumbled across this bloody-terrible piece of cack on the internet:
Flying Scotsman-Memories of Steam Cuckoo Clock
And remembering the:
Elvis Presley Dambusters Clock Plate of Tutankhamun
I could not honestly tell which was real, and which was a "piss-take".

There are more... what did you see in the back of that thing you looked at printed on cheap-paper?


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Mr Joshua
Mr Joshua

3 years ago

Just adding a comment to this (even though it's from 7 years ago!!) to say that yes, the Elvis Presley Dambusters Clock Plate of Tutankhamun really does exist, and that I am one of the relatively few people privileged enough to own one. I feel incredibly honoured to be amongst their ranks.

It's the result of searching on ebay for many many years now, and I've only seen two previously come up for grabs in all the years I've looked for one.

The actual genuine artefact that I own is a bit different to the image shown above, but more or less the same (for instance it doesn't have a solid square base like the picture has). I'm not sure if perhaps the advert was originally intended purely as a spoof, then maybe people sent in cheques to buy them and they then ended up making them. We'll probably never know....

Viz magazine also did other similar things, such as 'Bourbonhenge' - a mockup of Stonehenge made from Bourbon biscuits. Not sure if that was also a real thing you could buy, but it was only the clock plate that I was desperate to own one day.

In time, my children with thank me/fight over who gets to own it....


Reply 10 years ago

Magnificent on its own, no sunlight or window placement is needed to add illumination to this stained-glass edition – it glows with a clever system of long-lasting LED lights concealed within the custom frame.

Yes that is bad.


Tool Using Animal
Tool Using Animal

10 years ago

"Celebrate England's Glory and Passion" with such categories as "John Wayne", "Disney", "Elvis" and "Michael Jackson".