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Aztech USB 2.0 Adapter Modem Answered

in my area there is a free WiFi.. but the main router too far from my house - around 500 meter...i try to make antenna as i found in this web.. The PROBLEM.... when i put my antenna top of my house (around 15 meter and extend the usb cable) and Iusing Aztech USB 2.0 Adapter, my pc cannot detect the adapter. any idea ? or should i replace to another adapter.. my pc processor is Amd Athlon & using Abit Mainboard - 2.0 usb hub help me please...



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11 years ago

. Sounds like a bad USB cable to me. Try it without the extension cable, ie, straight into the hub. . The hub may be the problem, especially if it is unpowered. Plug the adapter straight into the computer and see if it is recognized. . . You're best bet would be to run coax from the adapter to the antenna and plug the adapter into the computer.