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BEC and Semi Conductors Answered

Hey everyone, I don't know if this is right, but today I came to the conclusion that everything in the universe is a conductor or a semi conductor. Is this right? I was thinking if you were to turn something into BEC (Bose-Einstein condensate), (which I know is at the moment impossible), the electrons/current should be able to move through the substance without any resistance. With this being said, couldn't any thing and everything become a perfect conductor if reaching absolute zero is possible? This is just a thought, but I am very interested to find out for a science class I'm taking.
                                                                            Thanks for your time KayakKid.


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7 years ago

It sounds like you've been doing a lot of reading and picked up a number of terms. BECs are different from superconductors, which seems to be what you're thinking of. Not everything becomes a superconductor at low temperatures.

Some materials (such as the "YBCO" ceramics) become superconducting at temperatures around liquid nitrogen; others, like lead, don't become superconducting until you reach liquid helium temperatures. And some materials, such as glass, are insulators all the way down to zero K.

The best description of of the Universe as a whole is a "low temperature gas". It consists of isolated atoms at very low densities (on average, about one atom per cubic meter in the space between galactic clusters). These atoms are not correlated or "entangled" with one another; they are just very cold.