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BENRINER turning slicer blades Answered

Hi all,
I want to make a  benriner turning slicer like device for cutting salads, As it is too expensive for me to buy one.

however I have no idea how i can easily make  blades for it.
The blades look like this.


Can anyone please give me a hint on how i can create those blades? or if they can be salvaged from any other devices

Many thanks


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Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

7 years ago

You know they look like the blades of hair clippers.

Try salvaging the blades from hair clippers.


7 years ago

I totally agree with mpilchfamily!

Speaking from experience as a chef I can tell you that what you can make will not give you the results you are looking for. Not worth the time and material investment, It will be one dimensional as far as the type of cuts you can make and thickness.

The cheaper or "knockoff" ones do work well as long as you do not abuse and are careful with them. If possible I would look for a Japanese brand if you can find one. They take their food seriously there and even the cheaper brands from there are very good products.

I don't know if you are specifically looking to make spiral cuts or not. If not a mandolin slicer will do the job too.

Either way good luck and culinary on!