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Eating Burnt Food And Cancer? Is there a connection. Answered

I have insisted for years that the major cause of Cancer, is the way we cook our food especially meat, and any food cooked in hot-oils. I believe that eating burnt food is the leading cause of the cancer scourge seen throughout the world. I imagine you might be thinking "I have never eaten burnt food", or "No one I know, ever eats or serves burnt food." To this I say your wrong and to prove it, I want you for the next 30-days to examine very closely any meat you are served, you will find its often covered in burnt oven marks, and as a further point of interest look at how clean the baker’s oven or grill is?. You could be in for a shock.

Examine grilled hamburgers first, then sausages, and next time you’re in a supermarket go to the bread section and look at the underside of two or three loafs of bread being sold, and examine the bottom (of them) for burnt areas. In your own home I want you to take a sharp knife and cut off these burnt areas you find, and try to roughly estimate how much burnt food is served annually in well populated nations, those which today are suffering huge cancer deaths. I have seen in New York restaurants adverts stating CHARRED steaks served here, I have met people who claim they love the taste of burnt meat (they say it adds extra flavour) I say it adds Cancer, and it is the leading cause of cancer in the world. I will leave it to you to figure out for yourself whether you should eat cigarettes (by smoking them) since 30% of all smoke-eaters get lung disease? Burnt meat, burnt cigarettes, if figures that there must be connection.



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There is nothing wrong with the Western Diet, but there is something wrong with having food supermarkets on every corner inviting all comers -even fatties- through their doors. Food is for hungry people, food is to keep you healthy and alive, I say supermarkets are guilty of packaging it like the latest toy, guilty of appealing to taste - buds by novelty branding and by doing so totally ignoring the health and obesity problems they are causing worldwide. The 50 largest supermarkets and quick-grill hamburger and chicken joints in the USA and UK, should have doormen on the doors turning away anyone 3-stones overweight, telling them they need to seek medical advice about heart attacks, breathing difficulties and walking problems - and preventing them coming in. Every hamburger served should carry an Health Warning stating overeating kills.The saddest sight I saw last year was a young woman aged about 30, who appeared to weigh 26 -stone, accompanied by two young boys aged around 9 and 11, both boys weighed more than myself, and when they walked they waddled like fat-little-ducks, another well reported story in England - was one in which the undertaker had to call the Fire Brigade out to assist him with moving the body from the deceased persons home - out of the house to a van, they removed a window and took it out that way.

Getting back to diet - use a saucer or small plate for your food and adopt the 2-ounce eating rule, eat no more than 2-food oz a day of ANY ONE ITEM, the same with exercise, only its the 2-mile rule meaning never walk more than 2-miles a day for exercise, and never-ever run 2-miles, as for running in a Marathon - that's allowed providing you put your affairs in order and take out an $-£ 10 million life insurance policy first . As for meat 2-oz a day is your limit, your dead limit. * PS: I am aware some people walk over 10 - 20 miles a day at work, I once had a job in which I walked 25 - 30 miles a day, I was going through a stupid period in my life in which my love for dogs outweighed my common sense - I was a dog walker on a greyhound track.


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"Burnt" food is about as old as cooking itself.
Fires are no longer crispy and dark because the nitrominoes produced are causing cancer - does not stop the hash browns though which are made from the same potatoes.
Similar story for bread only that we used to just scrape it off after baking, in a factory that won't happen.
And well, BBQ's are a different story altogether.
It is BBQ culture to produce a decent pattern on a steak - by burning it.

The big question these days is not what might kill you or give you cancer.
The question is what does not!
It is your personal choice whether or not you eat anything burnt or even charred.
And if you are so concerned about this part, did you ever consider any of those:
1. Hormones and medications in the meat.
2. Pesticides and insecticides in the veggies and fruits.
3. Artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.
4. Productions helpers like thickerns, emulsifiers, PH regulators, acidity regulators or moisturisers.
5. Poisons and medications in farmed fish from Norway, Spain, Vietnam and other places.
6. Artificial meat like nuggets and similar.
7. Sausages....

Good luck finding any food at your local supermarket that is not contaminated, filled with not required chemicals or just healthy to eat, evenbaby food struggles quite often these days...


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(@downunder35mm) What you say contains without any doubt whatsoever, a great deal of common sense and correct information and assertions, the weak point in your argument is the degree of contamination involved, and how it affects individuals, and how able or unable that particular person is able to handle it, withstand it, or excrete it. I think we can agree that cancer is normally an old person's disease. so what we need to know is when did he or she acquire it, meaning when did it start. At a guess I would say 30 years before it was ever diagnosed. It is a well documented occupational disease, or environmental disease, meaning you might be living close to a factory that is contaminating every citizen for miles around with some disease - an asbestos factory for instance. How does this contamination occur its either breathed in as smoke, breathed in as a chemical smell (if you can smell it - you got tagged) I view burnt food as food that contains smoke residue - hence the burn marks we see. Whether we breathe it in, or not, or swallow it, is a moot point, I'd say black smoke is far more dangerous than white smoke, because black smoke contains more contamination, more oils, plastics and petroleum products. Suffice to say there is no cure for cancer, no one as ever been cured off cancer, and the claims of cures occuring are wrong diagnosis errors.Whats not been revealed is the Tobacco industry have known for around 80 years that cigarettes kill, but hushed it up, Congressmen should have banned cigarettes in the 1930s, but the cigarette taxation income caused Politicians to look the other way. Another point is cancer reduces the aged population, and it's been my belief and understanding that 33% of the population over the aged of 50, are tired off life and actually want to die. I have met people who wish that the Doctors would let them go, aid them to fade away. People do die, and if they don't die of cancer then they die of heart attacks, or strokes. I suspect fatty tissue plays a big part in cancer development, and it could well be fat people eat more food cooked in ovens, than people of ordinary weight, or they eat 20% more food than others and increase their chances of developing cancer by +20%. To recap: Burnt food should never be eaten, is it asking too much to say "before you put cooked meat in your mouth and swallow it", why not check it first for burns and cooking cleanliness? This post will be shouted down by strong objections to my claiming "there is no cure for cancer". The objectors will list dozens of people who have been cured and claim that is a fact, there is no cure, there will never be a cure, and the best we can expect is "Your alleged cancers gone into remission." Meaning they've not got a clue what is happening inside that patient. Yesterday, my wife's brother phoned to say the Doctors told him its not long now, he's had 20 years of medical quacks, and now he''s been told the truth.I state nothing they did prolonged his life one day, or one hour, they got rich and he got poorer, and curing cancer sure is a paying business for those charlatans and frauds.

Jack A Lopez

4 months ago

I guess I should be eating my cigarettes raw, instead of lighting them on fire and inhaling the smoke.

And to think, all this time, I've been doing it the WRONG WAY!!!


I thank you for sharing this.