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Sorry, but I have to call BS on something... Answered

Just got an email because some community manager was unhappy about my instructable consisting only of some pics and one step... It was a simple build and I didn't see the necessity of overcomplicating this. Just wanted to share an Idea that someone might find useful without making anyone read too much redundant information.

Here's the quote:

"Due to some recent changes on the site, we are no longer able to publish stand-alone videos and other forms of incomplete posts."

I absolutely hate this kind of phrasing. It's the same in my german mother language. Why do people always confuse "not being able to" with "choosing not to" do something...

Clearly, Instructables was and still is able to publish Instructablesconsisting of images and only one step. They simply do not want to. But instead of giving a useful explanation, they hide behind the "we're not able to do so"-BS.

So, if there is a reasonable explanation for this rule, I'll be glad to hear it. But the explanation given by the community manager is nothing but BS.



6 months ago

I had that happen once. I published a very simple PVC drying rack that was so simple that a child could make it.

I noticed it didn't show up in my account area. I contacted the Admins and they explained that it was due to some new software that is meant to detect incomplete instructables. They divided it into steps and allowed it to be visible.
This is it https://www.instructables.com/id/Very-Simple-Bath...