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BUST Stylist's Closet Answered


This is what I get for bragging on SF.

The first ever BUST Stylist's Closet is making it's debut at The 2008 BUST Holiday Craftacular! And it's only in NYC***

A $10 VIP ticket allows you entrance to the closet AND one item of your choice from the many items contributed by participating fashion brands including Queen Bee, Revival Ink, Aviator Nation, Boy Meets Girl, Greta Cavazzoni, Yak Pak, Nikita Clothing USA, 80%20 Shoes, Vine and Venetia, Angel Court, Dear Creatures, Hellkats L.A., Osiris Girl's Shoes, and more!

Those are some nice names.

* Insider tip: The first 100 people to buy their tickets online get first dibs in the closet at 12 noon, before it opens to the general ticket-buying public at 2pm.

The BUST Stylist's Closet will be taking place at the BUST Holiday Craftacular on Sunday, December 14th, at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, NYC, from 10am to 7:30pm.

***The BUST Magazine Holiday Craftacular will take place in NY, LA and London UK
Read all about it!


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mr nice guy 2330
mr nice guy 2330

12 years ago

Bus Magazine Stylist's closet was a blast. I'm so glad i was able to participate. I saw alot of exciting and energetic brands. I can't wait to do the arts and craft section in 2009

Malik S.
(Vine and Venetia):Real Clothes, Real People.


12 years ago

I am so happy to be a part of this event! BUST magazine is my favorite because it empowers women, and has all the info on fashions, and what's hot. Hope to see you there!
-Revival Ink: Eco-friendly, organic cotton clothing.