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Halloween contest finalists Answered

it must have been a kind of a headache going through nearly 350 entrys since only 40 get selected as finalists.

that said, i'm a little dissapointed about the selection of finalists, let me explain why;

1. unfair selection of categories; i counted 16 costumes, 17 decorations, 4 foods and only 3 props that made it to the finals. it might be my misunderstanding but i expected more of a 10-10-10-10 configuration for the categories described.

2. i found that only 10 are actually reproducable by normal, non-proffesional people. i'm very handy, have most powertools available and can improvise on alot, still most are out of my league. reproducability should get a higher value imo.

3. 11 of the entrys have nothing/ very little to do with Halloween, it's more like a dress-up/ cosplay entry. my take on Halloween is scary, not fuzzy and cute...

4. 11 of the entrys are made by (semi)professionals. although this isn't 'wrong' in any case, it is very hard for the common man to fight against in contests, and again most reproducability is unachivable. they also have more tools, time and money to throw at their project.

5. 8 of the entrys are pretty unoriginal ideas while i've seen so many cool, unusual and original 'ibles.

so 'sticking to the theme', 'original ideas' and 'reproducability', which are 3 major aspects of judging a contest are kind of hard to find in this selection.

yes, i'm a bit sad none of my 'ibles made it to the list, but i've seen way better 'ibles as opposed to mine AND (a big part of) the selection made... my 'ible did get featured AND on the homepage so i though i made a good chance, but it stings a little seeing EVERY other 'ible from the homepage IS in the finals...

is it just me? any thoughts to share about this?



9 months ago

Good questions, and I think I have reasonable answers. I sent you a private message with my thoughts! : )

Brian M Vseamster

Reply 9 months ago

thank you sam! always happy to hear from you!
you could have responded in topic if you preferred, i have 'nothing to hide' and aren't afraid to be corrected if need be! ;)