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Backpacks and Camping Bags Answered

Hey folks, 

I've been thinking that with backpacks of all kinds being so integral to most hiking and camping that we really need a channel for them in Outdoors. To that effort I'm both planning some Instructables of my own and inviting all of you to show us your best, most innovative and useful DIY packs and bags to build a nice collection for anyone with a need to carry things out of doors! 

If there is enough interest I'll whip up a contest and find some nice prizes. So, speak up with thoughts, suggestions and ideas for either contest parameters or prizes and we'll see if we can get something going. 



8 years ago

Maybe a more general "bags" channel would catch more traffic? It would then include handbags and messenger bags etc.


Reply 8 years ago

The living category already has a healthy population of handbags and a few messenger bags here and there. This would be different and more catered to Outdoors and hiking or trekking uses. There is bound to be some crossover but I'd like to see something that would be an expanded collection of things we'd normally find in camping or survival.