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'Bad things little boys make at home' or 'it was all fun and games until Rex lost his eye!' Answered

Hello all,

I just started working on a new card game, the idea was to have cards of common household items that any young boy/girl would use to build something they shouldn't. On each card I'd like to have two or three things you can build with the item... ie. 'Puppy Poo'+ 'A Stick'= Poo on a Stick!; 'Puppy Poo'+ 'Paperbag'+ 'Lighter'= Flaming Bag of Poo.

Yes juvenile I know but as a kid these are the things many of us remember... at least if you were one of the kids in art class making smoke bombs with the paints, and blow dart guns with you pens... not that I was......

Anyway, I would just like to know if there is anything you (or 'someone you knew of') build as a kid or last week when you had a bit of 'Gas'+ 'Water Gun'+ 'Lighter'= Flame Thrower; 'Small PVC pipes'+ 'Marshmallows'= Marshmallows Shooter; 'Soda Bottle'+ 'Mentos'= Sticky mess for Mom... you get the idea.

Any Ideas you have would be a great help!



Dr. Pepper

8 years ago

Pyrotechnic + fire = not good.


8 years ago

Pocket knife + stick + rubberband= slingshot or rubberband gun
boards + bricks = bike ramp
best friends sneakers + knots = bola (also telephone wire decoration)
bottle rocket + model car = Rocket Car racers
M80 + toilet = water fountain
WD40 + lighter + carpet = a sore A$$

Just a few from a well spent childhood


8 years ago

Coke can + bean tin + methanol = cannon.