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Baking Polymer Clay on Plastic Straws? Answered

Is it safe to bake polymer clay on plastic straws? I'd like to try making a ball-jointed doll, and one tutorial uses plastic straws as a form of armature for which the polymer is wrapped around to create a hollow core to sculpt on. The straws seemed in-tact, but is it safe? I know certain plastics let off toxic fumes when exposed to certain temperatures, which is why I ask. I would think it would be fine, since it wouldn't be much "foreign plastic" (AKA not the clay) but I'd rather ask and be sure, than find out the hard way.

Thanks for any help!


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5 years ago

I would try.

Keep the temperature a low as you can and still fix the clay.

DON'T leave it - watch it all the time so if anything goes wrong you can act quickly.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

good luck.