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Baking my chalkboard painted mason jars? Answered

Hello there! I think I prepped the jars well, they have roughed surfaces (I used sandpaper), and they are primed! I am wondering, if I should bake them after applying the chalkboard paint, and if I should condition the paint (with chalk) before or after the baking?
Thank you in advance!



3 years ago

Baking will speed up curing times (otherwise you might need to wait a few weeks in the sun). If you bake remember to leave the jars in the oven to cool. I would still leave them a few days before using them (depending on your use, but they should be dishwasher safe by then). I would distress (if that's what you are going for) before baking/curing and you can condition with chalk before or after, however, the chalk may need to be re-applied if you wash the jars. All the best!


Answer 3 years ago

Thank you! I ended up trying both..:) conditioning before and after baking. After, worked better! The chalk was easier to wipe off too.

When they are all done, I will post some pics.