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Balance Bike type of RideOn but for grown ups? NoPedals Answered

You know all the kind of training bikes LikeABike and Strider RideOn so many different brands and varieties
and naturally them are for the kids so young them have not learned to pedal and keep balance so these first
"bikes" are for them to run along like on a "Hobby Horse" kind of thing that have the added safety of both
feet on the ground when them need to gain balance again. Them sit and walk or run and seem to really enjoy it.

Now suppose you are some 65 years older than these kids. You have the balance and can go by pedaled bike
but them are not allowed to take on the Commuter Train or on the Bus that goes to the big Mall you want to visit
and when you arrive no bike is allowed in so it get vandalized or stolen outside.

But if you had a Walker or Rollator kind of mobility aid then that would be allowed. So what if one took a "Toddler" bike
and made a grown up RideOne or BalanceBike for grown ups. No pedals on it. That would not get allowed either unless
it has an electric motor and look like an expensive Mobility Scooter. So one need a Rollator that transforms into a RideOn.
type of seated thing that can be used to move around on.

I wish one could easily combine these two things but I fail to have enough innovation fantasy on how to accomplish this.

So I test if kind people here get a clue or hang on how one could do such a thing. Transformer Bike/Rollator or what to name it.

I have bought several Rollators and several KickBoard GoPed similar versions one are supposed to stand on or walk behind

All of these are hurting the knee. So one need a seated thing. Sure it does exists already. The KneeScooter but that one have a
seat that is too narrow so it hurts the butt. The customers complained so now one can buy an extra seat or saddle to it that is
broader and less painful. But the KneeScooter does not look like a Rollator at all. It looks like a Scooter.

A Rollator need Castering wheels in the front that seems a must. It can be a three wheel as long as the caster is the front wheel.

Now if you sit on a four or three wheel thing and push of or kick off with feet on the ground then there is now way to steer the thing.

so a transformer bike/rolator need to change from free wheeling caster to a steered caster to be safe.

So that is the criteria and difference. In one position it looks like a real standard Rollator that you walk behind or in front off.
Then after pushing the magig button it turns into the steerable seated balance bike kind of mobility RideOn for grown ups with
knee problems.

I have written about this in another post too so hope I am not breaching a hard hitting rule. Here I ask more what to name such a thing and how to make that thing so popular that the accumulated popularity makes the commercial companies aware of the need.

If we can come up with a catchy name for such a thing then somebody maybe make one and test the market?

On the other thread I ask for somebody to help me figure out how to DIY make one or to modify a standard Rollator so it can fill both functions.

You would make me very happy if you come up with a catchy name for such a thing.


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9 years ago

So... you have an idea for a balance-bike that transforms into a wheeled walker?

And your design is currently at the "magic button" stage?

Rather than wasting time thinking of a name for it, you'd be better off working on an actual design. Sketch by hand, maybe mock-up in cardboard or wood, or in 3d modelling software.

First rough thoughts: maybe you're after something like a balance-bike with relatively small wheels. When you want to walk, rotate the wheels 90 degrees, and extend a "stabiliser" wheel that had been folded snug against the frame.

No "magic button", but it meets your needs as I interpret them.


Reply 9 years ago

Yes that might work. What is most important is that the Guards or Security Persons at charge at the Mall accept it as a "Mobility Aid" kind of gear and that them don't see it as a Toy or Leisure entertainment Sport kind of thing.

Because then them tell me to put it outside. And I need it for my knee hurts when I walk.

So it should look as much as a Rollator/Wheeled Walker frame as possible but your are right on with the functional aspect what could be the most easy way to get a functional design.