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Ball based on Hexagons and pentatgon triangles Answered

I have looked high and low for the pattern that is used to make the pentagon and hexagons out of paper, and or cardboard.  It's groups of triangles that look somewhat flexible put together to form a ball shape.  I want to turn this into a lamp.  I just need to know how to fold these bad boys.  I've studied the picture for 3 days now, and I am still stumped.  Can anyone steer me in the right direction please?  Thanks in advance!!
I've included the pic I have been studying...


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Answer 8 years ago

From what i can tell you create the triangles. Then you use small pieces bent in a V to link the triangles or a longer piece that is slightly thinner then the sides of the triangle and wrap it around a couple of times. You'll probably need a good bit of glue for this.