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Ball counter or weight sensor with relay to sound alarm or trigger 9v confetti cannon Answered

Anyone interested in a bit of work...I could also run it as a competition. Apologies in advance if what I am doing in not allowed on instructables, but I couldn't find a place to offer this work. Peoplehour does not specialise in tech gadgets!

I am a one man band training business in the UK. I am trying to find someone to make this gadget to work with my Gravity Ball Game.

Gravity Ball is a two hour team building activity.

Gravity Ball requires teams to design and build a construction capable of transporting a ball from one zone to another; the ball must roll freely along the construction using gravity only. There will be a shared zone that will require team collaboration, co­operation and coordination. Everyone needs to contribute to the overall team objective whilst ensuring their own structure functions to a specific brief and works correctly.

All teams will release their designated ball (tennis ball, golf ball, cricket ball, squash ball. Etc.) at the same time. Each team ball will roll freely along the team structure, into the shared area and the fall into a collection container. When all the balls are in the container (and a specific weight achieved) then the Weight sensitive relay switch will detonate a electronic confetti cannon. Alternatively, an infra red or sensor can count the number of balls that pass at a particular point and when the designated number is reached, the confetti cannon will detonate

The detonation will give a wow factor to the team activity.


I need a gadget, Arduino, raspberry pi or beaglebone that can measure or count the number of ball and then detonate a confetti cannon or sound an alarm

• Programmable weight or ball counter setting
• Maximum weight 300g-400g or Maximum number of passing balls is 10
• Work with standard electronic confetti cannon from Confetti Masters, alarm or Siren (http://www.confettimaster.com/streamer.electric.confetti.cannons.html) or Showtec electric cannons (http://www.sblite.co.uk/598-80cm-multicolour-electric-confetti-cannon.html)

Message me if you are interested!

Kind regards



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