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Band Guitar songs, discussions on great songs with two decent guitar parts Answered

So ive been playing quite a bit with my band recently. The problem i find is that with most songs the guitar parts are very dull, or there are few oppurtunties to play something interesting. I wondered if we could discuss songs that are generally quite interesting and varied throughout, rather than samey. Im not looking for anything particulary complicated just something fun to play. For example 'Nothing else matters' and the 'day that never comes' were fun to play throughout, although im not particularily worried about the genre.



10 years ago

Are you a rhythm guitar player or a lead guitar player? Soloing or improvisation is always fun to do once you have the basic song down. There are classic rock, jazz, funk, R&B, etc songs that have great guitar parts, depending on what you mean.


Reply 10 years ago

I was looking for songs which had 2 solid interesting and fun guitar parts in them, no really bothered about genre or difficulty necessarily


10 years ago

I used to play guitar all the time (it's still the instrument that I'm most skilled at), but I just find it to be much less fun. Even when a song is very technically in depth and a challenge to play, I'm not as interested in it. My first suggestion would be to try playing some other instruments. I'm learning to play the records Hot Fuss and Sam's Town by The Killers on keyboard. I also learned The Virgins' EP for bass.


Here's one song I always love playing though. Sounds great on a Strat.