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Band saw recommendations Answered

I am looking to get a new band saw for the workshop. My previous experience is in woodwork in large workshops so I have always shared a large band saw but now my place of work wishes to get one and wants to cut a variety of materials. Do you have any recommendations for good small band saws in the UK? Is second hand better than new? Is a tension guide worth it?

We would like to be able to cut:

Thin sheets of plastic (Acrylic, ABS, HIPS up to 6mm)


MDF, plywood and wood.

Basically items that will made on the CNC or vacuum former.

I am the most experienced staff member with this machine and although I have used them extensively for woodwork I have only changed the blades, serviced and cleaned them a handful of times.

Does anyone have any advice about good maintenance or band saw use etiquette?

Many thanks,


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2 years ago

Humor of a work around ;-)