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Bark seating for a ladder back chair. Answered

Hello everyone.

This is a request regarding where I can obtain bark from (in the first instance) here in the UK.

I've recently completed a ladder back chair and would like to seat it with bark. I did this many years ago on my first chair using bark of about 1" wide and supplied in rolls.

Unfortunately, I can't recall who supplied it and my search so far has failed.

If anyone can help, that would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for reading this.



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1 year ago

Have a look who does the forest stuff in your area.
There is always trees that need to be removed or platations that require a good culling.
The bark in these cases is basically waste or compost material.
Back in the day I had the insane idea to make my own bark boat for fishing.
Sounded great when reading it up and seeing the pics....
I got the bark from a local paper mill.
A lot of their fresh wood came soaked from water transport and they guys were nice enough to not only provide me with the tools to get the bark off but also showed me how to do it.
I guess that had more fun watching me than working.
When do get a slicky slicker trying to strip bark from a tree.... LOL

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Hello Chris,

Is "bark" a natural material, or an artificial one?


I was kind of thinking "bark" is the stuff found on the outside of a tree.


I think "bark" also comes from dogs, and certainly that is natural, but probably not the kind of bark you want to attach to your chair.



Regarding the kind of bark that comes from trees, I think I might have seen that guy, the author of the "Primitive Technology" blog and Youtube channel... I think I might have seen him out in the woods, stripping bark from a tree, using stone tools he made for this purpose.

I mean, I did not see him in the woods IRL (in real life), but rather I saw one, or more, of his Youtube videos, OTI (on the internet).




Obviously, the success of these bark gathering methods will depend strongly on what kind of trees are found near where you live... if there are trees near where you live.