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Basic circuit not working? Answered

Hey Guys,

Today I made one of the simplest circuit I have ever made, its literally two motors in parallel with a switch. The problem is it didn't work :( (embarrassing). I don't know what I did wrong. When i flip the switch the motors just spins for 1 microcentimetre then stops. I even attached an led to the terminals of the motor it just blinks once then turns off till i flip the switch again. Anyway wiring and demonstration is in the pictures, videos provided. Here are somethings to note:

1. The motors were working perfectly before i made the circuit.
2. The battery (may) be half used.
3. The glue used to attach them to the base (styrofoam) is hot glue, so I had to be verryyyy careful to not melt itithe base).
4. I cant take it apart since its attached to the base and the base will break and using glue with styrofoam wasnt easy so I dont want to do it again.
5. I have tried even by moving the motors a bit away so that they dont touch, still doesnt work.
6. If I leave it on for say a minute the battery gets slightly warm to the touch.
7. I cant find any short in the circuit.


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Best Answer 5 years ago

Don't try to play with motors using a 9V battery - they are too weak for this.
Eitheruse a proper power supply that can handle the current for the motors or don't use motors.


Answer 5 years ago

The problem got fixed when I switched to a 3v battery holder turned out it was the current that was causing the problem. Oh and what happens if i use 9v with motors? I have done that my whole life X_X


5 years ago

A quick check on the current capability of the square 9 volts battery shows it will supply approx 600 M/ahr That's not very much for a motor that might like almost amps to run happily.