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Basic leather crafting question Answered

I am brand new to leather crafting and just ordered a vintage stamp with 3 other tools. I think i just broke the stamp. It is flat with a hole on the back. I used a hammer on the stamp by itself and the hole looks like the ridge around it is broken. Was I supposed to put something in the hole before hammering?


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1 year ago

Well, you use pressure NOT impact force with leather....
The hole was most likely to center the stamp in a press that had a matching shape to hold the stamp in place.
When I work with leather to shape or "stamp" it then I do so in the wet form to have playble leather.
Once dry it stays in shape.
For quick stamping it is often enough to use steam to soften leather enough and to heat it up.
I guess you did not get any instructions with your new tools and were in a rush to try them out.
Look up how leather stamping and forming works and you get a better use out of your tools - can be quite fun and rewarding to do your own leather stuff ;)