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Batch High-detail Text Pictures Answered

Okay, I was messing around with batch files when I came across a way to make high detail text pictures! All you have to do is these steps: 1. Create your text picture as big on the the screen that you have to scroll up and down. 2.Create a shortcut to the file and then choose properties on the shortcut. 3.Click on Font and set the size to 4x6. 4.Then go to Layout and set the window height and width to 100 each. 5.Click apply, and then............. YOUR DONE!!!



9 years ago

There used to be "line printer pictures"; designed to be printed on 132-column wide high-speed printers, usually with each line overstruck 3-6 times with different characters so as to achieve different darkness levels. The big ones were 5 or 6 sheets wide (over 700 pixels!) and squarish overall (so maybe 8 to 10 pages long?) One of my favorites was a close-up astronomical picture of a full moon.


Reply 9 years ago

How does that have anything to do with this?