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Bathroom Exhaust fan through window Answered

I'm not really good with wiring things together(ie soldering, knowing anything about what volts needed or whatever but I'm willing to try), but I just moved to a new apartment.  The bathroom has a small sliding window above the shower, but no exhaust fan.  I want to very cheaply add a fan or couple fans(PC fans?), to the window that I can plug into an outlet and I would like to have a switch to turn it off and on.  I would even use batteries if I have to I don't really care.  It is right above the shower, so I'm guessing this is a risky thing to do. I'm sure it will get a little wet.  Has anyone done something like this before?  If not, any suggestions on what I should use?  Thanks so much for any help!


The Skinnerz

8 years ago

You can get fans similar to PC case fans, which are a bit larger and are designed to run on 240V mains. You can switch the power with a normal light switch.

As for the small amount of water, you should have no problems as long as any joins are properly sealed and you have the correct protection in case of a fault.