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Battery Powered Programmable LED Sign Answered

Hi all! I am working on building a sign to hold up at a concert I'm going to in a couple months, and I really want it to stand out! 

To preface: I am very technically inclined but know very little about powering LEDs (have only done basic diode and battery combos) and have zero programming experience, but am a quick study. 

What I am looking for is a solution that can be mounted on a 20x30" corrugated plastic panel, and run via battery pack with enough juice to last a 4+ hour concert. I know that one can easily buy battery powered LED strips, which I'd mount in an array on the plastic, but I'd really like to ideally be able to control the lights colors and show different bits of text, possibly via an iOS app. 

I know this might sound quite ambitious but as my dad always likes to say, go big or go home! Anyone have any ideas where I can get started? Thanks in advance :) 



2 years ago

Neopixels for startes, arduino with enough outputs for your needs and then the programming you need for your stuff.
Controlling by app might be not that easy but depends on your coding skills and what you find suitable from the available apps to control Neopixels.
If you want to use just standard LED's you have to go into multiplexing, a lot of wiring and the costs saved might be totally wasted by the time spent getting it to work.

Why not use a big TV instead?
Take a smart one and cast what you need directly from your phone or tablet.
50-60"" TV's are available for under $1000 and after the concert you can still use it to watch TV at home...