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Battery Powering an Rpi3 and Monitor? Answered

So I have plans to assemble an Rpi3 laptop with a battery and display and all that. So I need a way to battery power my Pi. Could I power my Pi3 (5v@2.5a) a usb power bank (one that could provide 5v@2-2.5amps obviously) with perhaps a step down/set up regulator? But I still would need a way to power the screen. Most driver boards want 11-12v and I don't know how to provide that. Maybe wiring batteries in series or parallel? I'm not exactly sure on how that works but I'm new to LiPo's so I'd like some help please. Thanks!



Answer 2 years ago

I'd like to do this myself, and the Pi-top isn't that type of machine. I just need a battery solution.


Answer 2 years ago

Easier to start with the higher voltage and then use a voltage regulator to supply the 5 v for the pi.

I would look at the type of battery they use for RC aircraft they are pretty small for their energy content - You will need the right charger though.