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Be one of the Chicks! - Flyff Antilles' Star Wars Costume Contest - entry deadline Jan. 31th 2013! Answered

Hey, costuming chicks, friends and fans, :-)

just finished your Halloween costume and are thrilled by the recent big news of the Star Wars future that awaits us all in the next years? Or your girlfriend is loving to dress up as the ultimate Star Wars chick?

Then I’ve just the right next challenge waiting for you:

“Be one of the Chicks!”

- What does that mean, you ask yourself? That means I’m hosting my own Costume Contest and you can be part of it!

- What for? The winner will be featured as the model of an exclusive piece in my ongoing series “Imperial Recruitment 2″. As the winner you may choose the costume and motive you’re shown in – only Imperial costumes of course! ;-)

- What you have to do?
1. Build one of the Chicks’ costumes seen in my artwork! *
2. Get some nice shots of you wearing it!
3. Send in those shots via email to flyff.antilles@googlemail.com till January 31th 2013!
4. Make all your friends and fans vote for you and your costume, once the voting phase has started in February 2013!

Go, get your inspiration on my deviantART gallery!

Good luck!

* Only shots of costumes build after one of the girls in my ongoing series “Imperial Recruitment 2″ are eligible to participate in the contest!



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