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Beaded 3D Kitten Cat Charm with tutorial! Answered

Beaded 3D Kitten Cat Charm with tutorial!

Hi all,

I just made these cute little beaded kitten cats few weeks ago and the good news is I also just completed the free tutorial for it at: http://beadjewelrymaking.com/2009/project/july.html to share with those who is interested to make one or a few for yourself.

I used the smallest beads I have which is size 11/0 and one size smaller for the tiny paws, so the little cats are each standing at only 1 cm tall, they are so tiny that I'm thinking of making a kitten charm bracelet with some of them.

I used typically the right angle weave technique but usually more than four beads weaves.

I used various color combinations to make eight of them, each of different colors, here's more colors of my litter of beaded kitten cats: http://www.beadjewelrymaking.com/2009/beaded_cat.html

Thanks for looking!


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11 years ago

You'd get a better response here if you posted an Instructable instead of linking to your own site.