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Beagle Bone vs. Beagle Board? Answered

Ok so the Beagle Board can run Windows Compact, and Linux and stuff right? Well I've been looking up descriptions for the Beagle Bone, and I'm not sure if it can do the same thing. I want to make a wrist-computer thing, but the Beagle Board is to big and a bit on the expensive side. The Beagle Bone would be an ideal replacement, but I'm not sure if I have the same capabilities as I do the Beagle Board. Can someone tell me if the Beagle Bone can run Windows Compact or a small OS like Linux?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Yes it can, beagle bone hardware is pretty much the same as beagle bone, the main difference is if you want to output to display using beaglebone, you need additional display cape (cape is like shield in arduino) ...

Hope this helped ...