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Beginner Coil Guns Answered

I am looking to build my first coil gun. I don't have much experience with capacitors/capacitor banks. I'm looking for a recommendation on capacitors that I could use for a coil gun that would make a proof of concept coil gun that would be safe for my first time venturing into this area. Any Ideas? I would probably order the capacitors from Digi-Key rather then harvesting them from other electronics. Thanks!



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5 years ago

Personally I would gather some camera flash capacitors from old disposable cameras, they have an excellent voltage (~300v) and come with a charging circuit. however, I would also suggest using a small bank (4-8 capacitors) of 4700uf 50v capacitors from Taydaelectronics.com. They are very cheap ($0.85) a piece, and pack quite a punch. As for the coil, if you go with a high-voltage capacitor bank (>200v) a coil of decently thick wire with many turns is best. For a medium-voltage bank (>50v) a coil with a few less turns and a bit thicker wire is good. For low-voltage (<50v, which includes the ones from Taydaelectronics) perhaps 10 turns of thick wire is best. All the wire should be enameled "magnet wire," not rubber/plastic insulated. If you really want to make steel fly, try these caps, they are expensive, but they will kick butt!